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I read Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue from the UK, Japan, Italy, Singapore, the US and Australia. My favourite show, Big Brother, airs in 63 countries around the world. My music taste also ranges from Independent Australian Artists to songs from my Eurovision playlist. What does this say about Globalisation and the media? Furthermore, what does it say about the way Globalisation impacts delivery and circulation of the media? I believe it says quite a lot.

Jan’s Globalisation of the Media explores the power of global media ability to intervene in the course of events and affect their outcomes. The paper discusses media markets, audiences, advertisers, finance and creative content. As suggested by Jan, the globalisation of media subsidiaries are powerful in creating a global public sphere whereby content is shared and accessed more easily by individuals around the world, and furthermore, become influential in the way they are responded to (Jan, 2009).

In ‘Impacts of globalisation on world economy’, Rao introduces discussion on positive impacts of globalisation on business and media industries, focusing on more efficient markets, stabalised security and increased competition (Rao, 2013).

The positive outcomes of globalisation for media and business are endless- opening up more room for cultural diversity and awareness, wider ranges of content, increased tools for learning and the formation of an international market of producers and consumers.

As the impacts of globalisation become more prominent, it is important to remain conscious of the constant changes to global media and its trends- as these will have direct impact upon learning, jobs and issues across the world. When tools and media are utilized effectively and interactively with other locations and channels, this generates the most effective results for content and the scope in which it is delivered.


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